Trudeau’s Discriminatory Abortion Policy

One fundamental concept of this great nation known as Canada is the freedom to hold and express whatever beliefs you want.  Sometimes, this includes some rather unusual and fringe opinions, and other times, it includes some very polarizing beliefs as well.

Like abortion.

Opinion on abortion ranges widely across this country.  We don’t need to go into the details, because this article isn’t about abortion legislation and the issues surrounding abortion in and of itself.

This is about Trudeau’s draconian declaration that future Liberal candidates must declare themselves to be “Pro-Choice.”

And herein is the problem.

Opinion on abortion is split across party lines, across ideology, and across the country.   There are Pro-Life MPs in all caucuses in the house.  Candidates across all parties are Pro-Life.  Other candidates across all parties are Pro-Choice.  Political affiliation in the two parties which have governed Canada had nothing to do with one’s opinion on abortion.

Until May 7th of 2014, that is.

Speaking outside the House of Commons, Justin Trudeau told reporters that Liberal nomination candidates would be screened on issues of moral conscience, such as same sex marriage and abortion.  

That’s pretty clear:  Pro-life candidates need not apply.

Trudeau went on to make this point even clearer on the Liberal Party website:

“Under my leadership, incoming Liberal MPs will always vote in favour of a woman’s fundamental rights.”

Later, Trudeau seemed to backpeddle somewhat, saying that Liberal candidates were welcome to hold Pro-Life views, but must vote Pro-Choice.

That’s even worse, and is also a non-starter.

Back in the day, I had a chat with a nomination candidate, who made it abundantly clear to me that, as a practising Roman Catholic, he would resign his seat before voting along Pro-Choice lines.

That’s his right, of course; and I expect many Pro-Life MPs hold the same opinion.

Trudeau was forced to clarify his clarification, saying existing MPs were “grandfathered to a certain extent,” but the party’s official position is Pro-Choice, and sitting MPs would have to vote Pro-Choice.


How condescending.

Sitting MPs have to vote pro-choice, despite their personal beliefs, meaning Justin Trudeau is forcing people with deeply held personal beliefs into a position of don’t run for election, resign your seat, or be a hypocrite.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re Pro-Life or Pro-Choice.  What this policy means is Trudeau rules by decree.  He can declare what the caucus will vote, and members of the party will vote the way he determines.

When it’s a government that does that, it’s called a dictatorship.

This is not what Canada is all about.  We don’t need a Prime Minister who openly discriminates based on a person’s deeply held moral beliefs.  We don’t need a Prime Minister who forces his own MPs into hypocrisy with veiled threats of Parliamentary punishment.  We don’t need a Prime Minister who determines Official State Morality based on his own opinion.

Save Canada.

Stop Justin.

3 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Discriminatory Abortion Policy”

  1. The Liberal Party of Canada should have handled Justin better in this instance. Unless they truly want to be Canada’s abortion party.

    1. If abortion is legal in Canada, shouldn’t everyone support it regardless of their personal or religious beliefs? After all, the Suprem Court of Canada did rule on it and isn’t Canada secular? What anyone’s personal or religious belief, don’t politicians have to uphold it’s laws, even if they don’t agree with them? Or are we doomed like Americans, constantly undermining their abortion laws because of religious beliefs or shutting down and de-funding planned parenthood clinics, all to the detriment of women, who by the way make up 50% of the voting population.

      What if we get Muslim politicians, do we have to accommodate Islamic beliefs and ignore laws and women’s rights? Trudeau had no right doing what he did or demanding people share his beliefs, after all I’m sure politicians understand and uphold the laws of this land, regardless. But then Trudeau is an inexperienced, self serving, narcissistic ass who had no business running for politics in the first place.

  2. To many Canadians Trudeau “glitters”, thanks largely in part to his handlers and the help of the media. Unfortunately not all that glitters is gold, and by the time Liberal Canadians wake up to this they and much of the rest of Canadians will realize he’s only in it for the fame and not the people of this great Country. The forgotten, overtaxed, jobless of Canada aren’t, or will ever be, on his radar. A true leader leads. A true leader cares for all of its constituents. A true leader works to build, not destroy or erode. Unfortunately, Trudeau isn’t a “true leader”, but an empty shell of his father and a media whore. Like Germany’s Merkel, he is also more fixated on a Nobel Prize for humanitarianism and serving foreign refugees, than the security, stability and growth of Canada and it’s people. Canadians need jobs, a better working wage, affordable housing and immediate attention to its crumbling schools and infrastructure. Somewhere, somehow, politicians keep forgetting that charity and responsibility begin within their own borders and to their own people.

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