Early Saturday morning (August 16, 2014), someone broke into Justin Trudeau’s house.

Justin wasn’t home – he was campaigning in Winnipeg, but his wife and children were home, upstairs sleeping at the time of the break-in.  Nothing got stolen, but the perpetrator left a threatening note behind.

While we at Stop Justin unequivocally believe that Justin Trudeau would be a terrible Prime Minister and must be stopped from being elected to the position, we draw the line at the commission of crime.

Not only is breaking and entering the wrong way to go about the campaign, Trudeau’s wife and children are not campaigning for the role of Prime Minister.  They are not a target.  They are innocent, and deserve to be left alone.

We at Stop Justin universally condemn the break-in, and hope that the RCMP finds the perpetrator and prosecutes them to the fullest extent of the law.

It should also be noted that, if the need arises, Stop Justin will cooperate fully with any legal investigation into this and/or any other criminal activity in order to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Keep it legal.

Thank you.

1 thought on “Legality”

  1. Thank you for shining the light on & comparing CBC vs Sun News. Why is it so hard to set CBC straight?! My parents 76 & 86yrs old have always expressed their frustration about the biased & corrupt CBC yet, it continues! After your worthy “stop Justin” campaign start the “stop CBC” campaign. I’ll gladly work for you.

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