The Pushback Begins…

I received, via Google+ a message from a C Robinson.  I have no idea if this is this person’s real name, but they took the time to respond to the YouTube video entitled “Trudeau Said Nothing.”

Here’s the conversation.  I’ve decided to post it because C Robinson took the time to write to me and comment directly on the video. That tells me something.

The Liberals are worried.  And this little website is working.

Let’s keep the pressure on.  I’ll be sharing some more ideas on how to Stop Justin in the next little while, so stay tuned.  Of course, every one of you are also welcome to share ideas and thoughts on what we can do to prevent Canada from turning into another Liberal cesspool.

Here’s the conversation:


C Robinson:
Since you don’t want anyone commenting on your “Justin said nothing” video I’ll post here. What did Harper say? What did Mulcair say? What did everyone else say? Is it Justin’s obligation to comment on every hate crime, torture, or death that occurs in Canada? No its not. Nor is it the obligation of the Prime Minister. But matters that are the responsibility of the Government like Aboriginal Affairs and Veterans Affairs, Yes it is there responsibility. So where’s the sympathy comments from the Prime Minister and the Government for all the missing Aboriginal women? Or the shitty living conditions of Aboriginal people of Canada, or the necessary help to prevent our men and women in uniform deal with post traumatic stress disorder so we don’t have another half dozen suicides, and is it too much to ask that our soldiers be repaid and looked after for there service to their country? I thought the Conservative Party was supposed to be our military’s great white savor after the Liberal’s “decade of darkness”, guess not. I think Harper has alot that needs to be said. Too bad he never will.

Representatives of the conservative government condemned the violence in interviews on various news media.  Mayor Nenshi spoke out against the violence, as did Calgary Police Chief Rick Hansen. 

If this were aimed at stopping Mulcair, I would be looking at what Mulcair said or did not say, however since Liberal Candidate Darshan Lang spoke at the rally where the violence happened, it is very telling that neither Kang nor Trudeau said anything about the violence.  

At all. 

However, using the “Johnny did it” argument is a logical fallacy, as is using the issues regarding missing aboriginal women and conditions with our military as parallels to this one. 

Lastly, Justin Trudeau’s father bankrupted this country, and since his father was his biggest ideological influence, I have no expectation that Justin will be any different – he will destroy this nation; and anything that helps stop him from doing so, provided it is legal, is therefore fair game. 

C Robinson:
So basically, the Conservatives get a free pass on everything because they never screwed the country in any way.  Even the leader of the third party must must condemn any violence against Israelis or else they are immediately considered antisemitic.  And lastly ALL SONS SHALL PAY FOR THEIR FATHERS SINS.  Because clearly Justin is basically the Pierre Trudeau 2.0 and not his own man, with his own goals, morals, values,  and ideas.

your words, not mine.  Believe what you want.  
I’m going to focus on convincing those people who are still not 100% sure not to vote Liberal.  People who hate Stephen Harper, like, it seems, you, won’t ever be convinced, so further discussion with you would be a waste of my time.

C Robinson
I don’t hate Stephen Harper or the Conservative Party I hate what It has become and admire what Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party is trying to do.  Just like everyone else in Canada.  Your efforts will be unsuccessful and Justin Trudeau will be Prime Minister and Canada will have a Liberal Government in November 2015.  Your right there’s nothing more to say, so don’t reply.



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