Justin’s Hissy Fit

After a blistering and, frankly, inappropriate attack by Sun News Network commentator Ezra Levant, Justin Trudeau has declared he will no longer speak to Sun News until such time as the network parent company, Quebcor, responds to the complaint they filed over the incident.

The core of the issue is Mr. Levant’s references to Trudeau’s parents, in which he referred to Justin’s father, Pierre, as a “slut” and indicated that Justin’s mother, Margaret, “didn’t like to wear panties.”

To be clear: Ezra went too far.  The attack against Trudeau’s family and the completely inaccurate and mean-spirited portrayal of Justin’s participation in a wedding photo – at the request of the bride and groom – is beyond the pale.  I’m quite friendly with Mr. Levant; but I want to be absolutely crystal clear on this: In no way am I justifying, rationalizing, or otherwise supporting Mr. Levant’s rant.

Ezra should acknowledge his error, man up, and apologize – not, mind you, because anyone thinks he should; but because he, himself, realizes his error.  Otherwise, the apology’s sincerity would be questionable.

So let’s now look at Justin’s reaction to Ezra’s rant.

I can understand Justin getting angry.  Unlike what his adoring fans think, he’s not a god.  He’s human.  He makes mistakes and is fallible, just like the rest of us.  He isn’t the Saviour of Canada – quite the contrary.

But anger, even justified anger, must be controlled and channeled, and Justin didn’t do that.  Instead of shrugging, refusing to have anything more to do with Ezra Levant, and saying, like his father did, “I’ve been called worse by better people,” Justin threw a hissy fit.

Now, let’s be completely honest – Justin has been throwing a hissy fit over Sun News for a while now.  He’s refused to talk to them for ages, ignoring their reporters and walking past cameras without pausing for so much as a nod in greeting.

Simply put, Justin can’t stand Sun News.

Of course, the difference between Sun and, say, the CBC (the Liberal Party’s unofficial propaganda arm), is Sun is privately owned.  Sun depends on selling advertising to survive.  True, the CBC does too, however the CBC also relies on roughly $1 billion in taxpayer dollars a year to operate – meaning the CBC has a significant financial advantage over other networks – advertising revenue and a federal taxpayer subsidy.

When Prime Minister Stephen Harper refused to deal with the Parliamentary Press Gallery, on the accurate grounds that they were biased against him, the blogosphere went crazy, with ridiculous blogs like this, accusing Harper of being a crybaby.

Now that Justin is refusing to talk to Sun News, the socialist blogosphere is, strangely, silent.

The difference, however, between Ezra Levant and the journalists in the Parliamentary Press Gallery, is Ezra is a commentator.  He provides commentary – that is, opinion.  The journalists in the Parliamentary Press Gallery are supposed to report news.


Not commentary.  Not opinion.  But simply what happened.

The point here is while Stephen Harper refused, and justifiably, to deal with the Parliamentary Press Gallery, based on their biased “reporting” of news, (which means reporting events which cast Harper and the Conservatives in a negative light while ignoring – that is, not reporting – events which cast Harper and the Conservatives in a positive light) Justin Trudeau is refusing to deal with Sun Media – the entire organization – over Ezra Levant expressing a stupid and insulting opinion.

That kind of response is a vast overreaction, and immature.

The last thing Canada needs is immaturity in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Canada deserves better than that.

Stop Justin.


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