Toronto Star Turns on Trudeau

The Toronto Star is well known to be a staunch Liberal paper. I have referred to them periodically as the (un)Official Liberal Party Propaganda Publication.

That is how strongly the Toronto Star supports the Liberal Party.

So, when the Toronto Star starts publishing columns like this one, we know something is seriously bad for the Liberal Party…

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is running out of second chances: Goar

Eight months from today, Canadians will wake up to a new — or re-elected — government. This would be a fine time for Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to start demonstrating the maturity, self-discipline and competence to lead the nation. His political record to date has been marred by misjudgments, ill-considered remarks and discarded promises. He has…

5 thoughts on “Toronto Star Turns on Trudeau”

  1. If your take out maturity, self-discipline and confidence and just add self-aggrandizement, you would have described Justin to a tee!

  2. You vote for this immature brat and your gonna get what you deserve. People wake up!!!! Dion and Iggy were bad enough. This clown makes them look like rocket scientists. I’m not saying Mulcair and Harper are much better but they sure as hell are a lot better than this spoiled brat. Can’t believe he’s 43. More like 3 if you ask me.

  3. It baffles me how anyone could possibly believe the little emperor cares about Canada or the people living here. What is wrong with you people, what is with all you east coast Canadians voting into power such obvious idiots? It’s like you can’t see the cliff your all rushing to, and when you go over the edge you believe the flight to the rocks below is all good because the guy standing at the top and not jumping told all will be well.

  4. Wow this is a great website, I will share it to my twitter followers and promote it, I also love this site because it is a direct counterattack at the rich unions spending millions to fight harper… This site is how democracy should really work – through average people, not big union bucks.

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